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DL-UNI20001 PR INDICATOR digital pressure gauge for hand press (replaces original one)

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Digital pressure gauge for hand press (replaces original one).
1. Электронный манометр
2. Переходник для датчика давления с резьбой G1/2" Х М12х1,25мм Х М12х1,5мм  или М20х1,5мм Х М12х1,25мм Х М12х1,5мм
3. Зарядное устройство
4. Паспорт


Digital pressure gauge for hand press (replaces original one) with pressure sensor 1500 bar.
1. Электронный манометр
2. Переходник для датчика давления G1/2" Х М12х1,25мм Х М12х1,5мм или М20х1,5мм Х М12х1,25мм Х М12х1,5мм
3. Датчик давления 1500 бар
4. Зарядное устройство
5. Паспорт


1. Device description

1.1. Purpose

A digital pressure gauge is used to measure and display the current and maximum pressure in the fuel system. A standard BOSCH 0 281 002 522 sensor for 1500 Bar is used as a pressure sensor. The pressure gauge is adapted to work with a hand press, which is used to check the opening pressure of the mechanical injectors.

1.2. Specifications

Table 1. Specifications of digital pressure gauge PR-INDICATOR.



Maximum measured pressure

2400 Bar

Supported Pressure Sensors

1500,1800,2200, 2400Bar

Pressure display resolution


Pressure Accuracy*

+/- 1Bar

Battery life

Not less then 60 H

Supply voltage

battery Li-ion, 3.6В.

Battery capacity


Current consumption in off state


Power consumption

100 мВт

Overall dimensions (width, height, depth)

99 Х 99 Х 36mm


~ 0,375 kg

*- The accuracy of the sensor affects the accuracy of the gauge. For the BOSCH 0 281 002 522 sensor, the accuracy at 1500Bar is 1.5%.

1.3. Scope of delivery.


1.Digital pressure gauge 2. Adapter for pressure sensor 3. Charger 4. Manual


1. Digital pressure gauge 2. Adapter for pressure sensor 3. Pressure sensor 1500 bar 4. Charger 5. Manual

1.4. The design of the device.

The digital pressure gauge is made in a round aluminum case. On the front panel there are control buttons and an indicator (Fig. 1). On the back wall are located the charging connector of the pressure gauge and the cable lead of the pressure sensor connection.



Figure 1. Front panel.

1. LED battery charging.

2. Display.

3. On / off button, cancel.

4. Button to enter the menu and enter the parameter.

5. Fixing screws 6 pcs.



Figure 2 . The back panel of the gauge.

1. Battery charging slot.

2. Cable input for pressure sensor.

At the bottom of the gauge there is a hole with a thread M12x1.25 for installing the adapter.

1.1. Connection of the pressure gauge to a hand press.

To connect a digital pressure gauge to a hand press, an adapter to a pressure sensor is required (Fig. 3).



Figure 3. Adapter to hand press

The hand press adapter has 2 threads, one is screwed into the digital pressure gauge M12x1.25, and the other in a hand press. In the middle of the adapter there is a hole with M12x1.5 thread for screwing in the pressure sensor 0 281 002 522 per 1500 Bar.

A hand press can have a G1 / 2 "or M20x1.5mm thread. The set of the adapter is installed with the thread that is needed for the user.

Procedure for replacing a mechanical gauge with a digital one:

• Screw the pressure sensor into the adapter and clamp it in a vice with a force of 35 +/- 5 Nm.

• Unscrew the mechanical pressure gauge from the press.

• Screw the adapter with pressure sensor to the press.

• Adjust the position of the pressure sensor so that it is positioned to the right or left relative to the press.

• Screw the digital pressure gauge to the adapter, adjust the position of the pressure gauge with washers.

• Connect the cable to the pressure sensor.

• Connect the mechanical injector.

• Check the tightness of the connections. 

• Turn on the pressure gauge (by default, the pressure sensor is set to 1500Bar).



Figure 4. Digital pressure gauge assembly with a hand press.

Description of work

After connecting the mechanical injector to the manual press line, hold the ON / OFF button. The pressure gauge turns on after 1 sec. and immediately begin to display the pressure value.

Each press of the button is accompanied by a single beep. When you turn off the pressure gauge emits three beeps. If the pressure sensor is properly connected the gauge will display.


If the pressure sensor is incorrectly connected or faulty, the gauge will display a dash on the display.


After the pressure is pumped up, a manual injector will start to operate. The digital pressure gauge will record, on the display, the opening value of the nozzle for 0.5 sec. (OP1 mode) or it will constantly show the current pressure value (OP0 mode)


The pressure gauge has two pressure display modes:

• OP0 is the current pressure value.

• OP1 - maximum pressure (displayed with a delay of 0.5 seconds.).

The display mode is switched by briefly pressing the MENU button.


To turn off the pressure gauge, hold down the ON / OFF button until OFF appears and release the button, the device will turn off.

The gauge has an AUTO-OFF function. The device will automatically turn off after 5 minutes. if the displayed pressure is less than 50 Bar, and no buttons will be pressed.

The LOW BAT function will warn you about the need to recharge the digital gauge battery.


When the critical threshold is reached, the gauge will automatically shut off. The pressure gauge is charged using the power supply, which is included in the scope of delivery(Fig5 ).


Figure 5. Power supply for charging the gauge.

Connection procedure for battery charging:

• Insert the power supply plug into the battery charging socket (Fig.2).

• Plug the power supply into a 220V mains outlet.

• While the battery is being charged, the front panel will have a red CHARGE LED (Figure 1).

• After the battery is fully charged, the CHARGE LED (Figure 1) will go out.

• Disconnect the charging plug and disconnect the power supply from the 220V mains.

2. Menu

Turn on the pressure gauge. To enter the menu, hold down the MENU button.

Navigating the menu is made by briefly pressing the <CANCEL and MENU> buttons.

Menu options:

• SENS- pressure sensor selection.

• BAT-value of the residual capacity of the battery, measured in%.

• FIR-version of firmware.

To enter the SENS parameter, press the ENTER button. By briefly pressing the CANCEL or MENU button, select the pressure sensor used (1500,1800). To save the value, hold the ENTER button, to cancel the action and return to the parameter selection mode, hold the CANCEL button.

To view the battery capacity, select the BAT parameter and hold down the ENTER button, after which the value of the residual battery capacity will be displayed, measured in%. To return to the menu selection, hold down the ENTER or CANCEL button.

To return to the measurement mode from the menu, hold down the CANCEL button.


                                                                                 Figure 6. Structure.

3. Precautions

  • For the safe operation of a digital manometer, as well as to continue its life, it is necessary to adhere to the following requirements:
  • It is forbidden to connect electrical devices to the gauge that are not provided by the manufacturer;
  • It is forbidden to use a cable with poor insulation;
  • Do not touch the pressure gauge circuit board without first relieving electrostatic voltage;
  • Do not operate the gauge in areas with high temperature and humidity;
  • In the event of a malfunction of the gauge, turn off the power and contact the service center or an authorized representative.

After storing the gauge in a cold room or after transportation in the winter, before turning it on, let it warm up to room temperature within two hours. 

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