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DL-CRN50299KIT CRIN 2 / CRIN 3 Valve Stroke and Overstroke Measurement Kit

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DL-CRN50299KIT Kit for measuring the valve stroke (AH) of CRIN 2 / CRIN 3 injectors with detachable and non-demountable armature, as well as for measuring excess stroke using an adapter.

Brief description of measurements:

Reset the readings of the indicator
Calibrate indicator
Join Dimension Constituents
Take measurements, repeat 3 times

The Instruction Steps tab describes the sequence of measurements. Full instructions are included with the kit.

To measure and subsequently repair injectors, you will need a set of original washers, which is purchased separately by the client. By selecting the washer or grinding it, the required stroke is achieved. Work on grinding and adjustment is conveniently performed on a GM-08 surface grinder with a lower movable work table.


Digital indicator head DL—KIP012 (pos. 11) — 1 pc.
Adapter housing DL—CR31555 (pos. 9) — 1 pc.
Adapter nut DL—CR31527 (pos. 9) — 1 pc.
Measuring probe CRN30708 (pos. 1) — 1 pc.
Fixing sleeve with goujon DL—CR31556 (pos. 9) — 1 pc.
L-shaped hex wrench 2.5 for fixing the measuring head (pos.12) - 1 pc.
L-shaped hex wrench 1.5 for fixing the sleeve (pos.12) - 1 pc
Attention! Positions are specified according to kit DL-CRN50091. Other indicator measuring heads of higher quality and more expensive can also be used. DIGs have the same measuring range (travel 0-25.4 mm and resolution 0.001 mm). As an example DL-KIP021, DL-KIP026, DL-KIP031.

All of them are available upon request.


1. Valve stroke measurement
1.1. Measurement of valve stroke with non-separable anchor
1.2. Measurement of the valve travel with a collapsible anchor

2. Overtravel measurement
2.1. Necessary equipment for measurement
2.2. Measurement of the excess travel of a collapsible anchor:
To improve accuracy, measure 3 times.

Attention! Full measurement instructions are included with the kit.

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