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CAM-BOX2 MECHANIC Mechanical device for testing unit-injectors

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  • Overview


CAM-BOX2 MECHANIC is a mechanical device for testing pump injectors (UIS) and unit pumps (UPS)

CAM-BOX2 MECHANIC can be used with a classical benches from any manufacturer and installed to a standard, 125 mm, benches. For other benches there should be adaptive plate, which is not included in the set .
Basic equipment of Cam Box 2 allows to test unit-injectors of Volvo and some Iveco models. For testing other pump injectors types, it is necessary to order additional, different adaptors.

СAM-BOX2 MECHANIC allows you to test the following types of unit injectors and pumps:

  • Bosch UIS PDE - unit injector of trucks Scania, Iveco, Volvo, as well as marine,industrial and other engines of these manufacturers.
  • Bosch UIS PDE - unit injector of cars Audi, VW, Land Rover.
  • Delphi EUI E1 - unit injector of Volvo truck, Renault, as well as marine, industrialand other engines of these manufacturers.
  • Delphi EUI E3 - unit injector of Volvo truck, Renault, as well as marine, industrialand other engines of these manufacturers
  • Delphi EUP - unit injector of DAF truck.
  • Lucas A-type - unit injector (H-shaped) Volvo truck and marine,industrial and other engines Volvo.
  • You can check the unit injectors of American manufacturers such as Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit and and injection system HPI.


  1. CamBox2 CB20001(1 pc)
  2. DL-CB20124 Clamp №0124 for unit-injectors VolvoFH12,Iveco,Bosch(1 pc.)
  3. DL-CB20123 Clamp №0123 for unit-injectors №0129,133,144(1 pc.)
  4. DL-CB20100 Clamp №0100 for installing indicator(1 pc.)
  5. DL-CB230010 Bracket for nozzle tip(1 pc.)
  6. Bold М10,L= 106mm, bolt М10,L= 56mm for bracket (1 set)
  7. DL-CB230012 Nozzle tip Ø 9mm (1 pc.)
  8. DL-СВ2 30022 Fixator (1 pc.)
  9. DL-CB230046, CB230047, CB230048,CB230049 nozzle shims(1 set)
  10. DL-CB230013 Fixator of the position of the cam stroke (3 pcs.)
  11. DL-CB230084 Socket H=7 Ø 20 (2 pcs.)
  12. DL-CB230109 Spherical screw for the unit-injectors (1 pc.)
  13. DL-CB230134 Spherical screw for the pump-sections(1 pc.)
  14. DL-CB230135 Inner screw for the pump-sections (1 pc.)
  15. DL-CB230043 Screw with washer for the pump sections М12х1,25(1 pc.)
  16. Rubber-metal washer Ø М14(4 pcs.)
  17. DL-CB250001 Adjustable caliber to install the preload of unit-injector(1 pc.)
  18. Pressure supply hose Ø 10х100mm (1 pc.)
  19. Backleak hose Ø 10х100mm (1 pc.)
  20. Fitting Banjo M14х1,5 (2 pcs.)
  21. Bolt Banjo M14х1,5 (2 pcs.)
  22. Rubber- metal washer Ø М14(4 pcs.)
  23. DL-34-RWN06x04 Teflon line Ø 6mm х 1500mm.(1 pc.)
  24. DL-PG Defoamer (1 pc.)
  25. DL-34-RL020602 Fitting for defoamer (quick adapter) Ø 6mm х 1/4 " (1 pc.)
  26. Software with test-plans(1 pc.)
  27. Spring (red L=76mm) 10-12mm (1 pc.)
  28. DL-CB230169 Pusher to the spring(red L=76mm) (1 pc.)


  1. MU Connecting adapter to the bench
  2. DL-CB2 50036 KIT Injection sensor
  3. D-1680750120 Testing injector for PLD section testing
  4. D-1688901118 Pipe to the testing injector
  5. DL-CB230016 flange to CAM BOX2 with 4 holes М10х1
  6. DL-CB20125KIT Kit for testing unit-injectors Caterpillar C12
  7. DL-CB20126KIT Kit for testing unit-injectors Caterpillar C15
  8. DL-CB20127 Clamp for PLD Detroit (Bosch)
  9. DL-CB20128 Clamp for unit-injectors Iveco 7,8 L(0414700002, 0414700003, 0414700004, 0414700005, 0414700006)
  10. DL-CB20129 Clamp for unit-injectors MB Actros
  11. DL-CB20130 Clamp for unit-injectors Bosch 0414700002, 0414703005, 0414703007
  12. DL-CB20131 Clamp for unit-injectors Bosch UD Nissan (0414700002, 0414701023, 0414701024, 0414701033, 0414701034)
  13. DL-CB20133 Clamp for unit-injector MB Atego
  14. DL-CB20136 Clamp for unit-injector Land Rover-Discovery (Delphi)
  15. DL-CB20137 Clamp for unit-injector Caterpillar L10
  16. DL-CB20138 KITfor testing unit-injectors Detroit 5234770-5235580
  17. DL-CB20139KIT for testing unit-injectors Cummins 4DEC01L 4061851
  18. DL-CB20144 Clamp for unit-injector DAF,MAK,Renault
  19. DL-CB20145 Clamp for unit-injector Delphi
  20. DL-CB20146 Clamp for unit-injector Caterpillar L15
  21. DL-CB20140 Clamp for unit-injector Scania
  22. DL-CB20148 Clamp for unit-injector VolvoFH12,DelphiE3
  23. DL-CB20149 Clamp for unit-injector Bosch( 0414703004, 0414703007, 0414703008, 0414703009, 0414703013)
  24. DL-CB20151 Clamp for unit-injector Audi / VW 1.9
  25. DL-CB20152 Clamp for unit-injector Audi / VW 2.0
  26. DL-CB20153KIT Kit for testing unit-injectors Bosch 0414703003
  27. DL-CB20154KIT Kit for testing unit-injectors Cummins HPI
  28. DL-CB20155 Clamp for unit-injector John Deere Delphi E1
  29. DL-CB250037 Injection sensor for unit-injectors Cummins HPI
  30. Fitting for clamp М14х1,5х1/4" UNI30035
  31. Quick connector 1/4" Ø D-25-FN72-04
  32. 34-K2-212D Quick connector Ø 1/4"
  33. Rubber-metal washer Ø М14
  34. Rubber-metal washer Ø 1/4"

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