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Plate and sheet processing

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Stamping metal sheet by coordinate punching

Stamping metal sheet by coordinate punching is one of the most common technologies in mechanical engineering. Parts made on a coordinate-penetrating press have high strength with a relatively small mass and are distinguished by rationality of forms. Sheet stamping allows to produce thin-walled parts that are complex in shape, as well as massive, solid parts that cannot be obtained in any other way.

CNC punching mashines are actually processing complexes, - universal equipment for the manufacture of parts from sheet material. Parts made on CNC punching mashines are mainly blanks for further processing on sheet bending equipment.

Metal sheet bending
Metal sheet bending is one of the types of cold stamping when processing sheet metal, by means of which the whole billet or its part is given a curved shape according to the technical task. Metal bending is a technological operation in which a three-dimensional product is obtained from a flat-shaped blank without welded or other joints. This type of processing allows to obtain durable and reliable parts, which are distinguished not only by high accuracy, but also by a decent appearance.
At the first stage of the technological process, the sheet metal is cut on the equipment for cutting (felling) flat metal, for example, a guillotine or a CNS punching mashine.
Then, using a hydraulic press brake, the necessary shape and configuration are given to the metal blank by means of elastic-plastic deformation.
After bending the first products,is checked the compliance with the drawing of the shape and size of the parts. If there are deviations in the sizes of the product, the equipment settings are adjusted. Upon completion of theparameters adjustment, the entire batch of sheet metal products is produced, and at the same time, selective measurements of finished parts are carried out.
Metal bending is carried out on machines with programmable axial stops, accelerating and simplifying the process of forming metal products. The equipment ensures the complete identity of all elements obtained from sheet material, which is important for subsequent processing, first of all, assembly and welding.
The initial data is the drawing of a part or a technical task for the development of a stamped part. For the manufacture of punching, bending and exhaust dies, the technology of rapid preparation of production is used, with a maximum approximation to the finished part (minimum machining).

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